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I’ve got the power

After managed to blow the previous HDMI board, I ordered another one from China, this time with matching power supply. So that was the final main electronic bit sorted. I loaded up the SD card with the very useful Marshmellow Entertainment test boot image as a test. It loaded up fine on the Pi and managed to hook up to the TV with HDMI. Would it work with the screen? Would the screen still work? Would the screen be rubbish?

We’ve got the power!

Conclusion: screen works and when seen with the eyes is much better than you might think.

To prototype it into one unit, I ordered some OpenBeam/MakerBeam stuff to hook up the 3 boards and the screen.

There’s a few things not quite right, the main thing being I used a direct male to male HDMI connector that, while holding the Pi and the HDMI together, it rotates the board as well as offsetting them, meaning I can’t fasten both to the beams with the PCB spacers. To fix this, I ordered a 15cm HDMI cable, giving a bit more flexibility in board placement. But at the very least it’s in one whole unit, making it a bit easier to handle.