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Finally, I have the beginnings of some code. It’s a bit infuriating to deal with OpenVG. They do claim it’s basically like OpenGL, except it’s not. Argh!

So far with some GLUT wrappers, I’m getting 20-30fps, which isn’t great. I largely blame this on GLUT, at some point I’ll switch it to use raw OpenGL ES. It’s only my own laziness that keeps it with GLUT. Some of the lack of speed is no doubt because I’m viewing a window, where a full screen jobbie will be quicker.

Started to craft some C++ wrappers for OpenVG to make my life easier as well. After all, there is no problem you cannot solve without adding another layer of abstraction.

GitHub repo here.

The plan is:
– Create something vaguely resembling a instrument cluster with some dummy variable input data on Linux.
– Make it use OpenGL ES instead of lazy GLUT wrappers.
– Use garamal’s rpi-buildboot to port it to the Pi’s ARM.
– Create Arduino interface with dummy variable input data.
– Make the Arduino actually read from some electrical source.
– Create some sort of converter with wires and stuff.
– Somehow make it into a more palatable unit.


Smells like Android

What is this post all about, I cannot figure any words out. How will the words to it go, I wish you’d tell me, I don’t know.

So, I’ve been kinda busy with things. I had an idea for another side project of mine, this time in Java. *yuck* On Android at the very least. Here it is: CelicaDB. Just a little reference app containing lots of information on all Celica models and it even has some utilities in it.

Didn’t think there was any harm in trying it out, though it’s making me curious about the NDK. C++ is where it’s at, of course.

About time I started doing some actual programming on this..