TWO posts in one day?!


OpenVG has been a bit of a question mark even when I started this project. While very interesting and the sort of thing I was after, it hasn’t really taken off. There’s a handful of library that support it but the most popular (ShivaVG) doesn’t even implement fonts. That shows it’s not really where it should be, realistically.

Additionally, I had quite a lot of trouble reading SVG files into OpenVG and getting it to render properly. This is probably my own fault but doesn’t bode very well regardless.

Even so, none of the OpenVG libraries seem to have been touched in quite a few years, some cases 5-7 years. What does Netcraft say?

NanoVG has been something that’s been rearing its head much more and have encountered it in past projects. Another thing that has popped up is that I can’t really do much development on the Pi, so I have to either test it on my computer or cross build and deploy on the Pi and try it there. Obviously it’s much easier to do the testing on the computer, it’s much more powerful and quicker to try things.


Another thing I encountered is bgfx, which claims to be a Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, “Bring Your Own Engine/Framework” style rendering library. That does sound quite appealing, as I’m lazy in terms of OpenGL. The shader pipeline requires a lot of code which anyone would rather avoid writing if they can.
Interestingly enough they list how many draw calls they can made to keep 60Hz on a Pi 216. This doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but it might just do the trick. Furthermore, they support NanoVG.

So, we get:

  • NanoVG for vector drawing
  • Integrated fonts, etc
  • Cross platform
  • Shader support
  • Allowing my own engine
  • Less OpenGL ES code to write
  • And last, but not least: it’s under active development!

Using this would mean I spend less time dealing with drawing, more time with getting the data acquisition and processing right.
I'll allow it from Parks and Rec

Latest sensor update

Pressure: 1017.50 hPa; Temp: 25.70 C

It appears to be getting hot in here.


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