It’s not you, it’s me

Actually, I lied. It’s you.

bgfx is no longer relevant to the project. Why? Well, I wasn’t doing all that much with it and really it’s not benefitting me that much. Easy window creation? It uses SDL for that. Easy rendering? Well, you still have to use OpenGL and for vector stuff you can use NanoVG. So why not use NanoVG directly?

And SDL won’t help hide away the X11 vs native Pi window creation anyway.

So that’s what I did. A little Screen class to hide the OpenGL ES stuff. Now, as I’m doing my main development on my Linux desktop, I need to create the native X11 window. For the Pi, you can use some Broadcom headers (that also allow you to use GPIO) to create this window without X11, so that’s something I can integrate at a later date.

It has to be said that I wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure out why my OpenGL ES window creation didn’t want to paint. It resulted in a blank X11 window with some garbage in it. This turned out to be because there was a slight problem with my build setup. Not all of the OpenGL ES libraries were being linked, whereas there were proper OpenGL libraries. This caused an incompatibility that means all calls were succeeding but not actually doing anything. Ugh.

This all brings me to another problem. Third party libraries in general. It takes time to learn them and so often they don’t do exactly what you need, so you spend time working around the library to make it do that.
This applies more to the niche libraries that I’ve been trying to use than the more mature ones I’ve used in the past though.

Up and Atom!


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